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A two-day seminar on “Aids Awareness” was conducted by the NSS Units of our College in collaboration with University Talk Aids programme in our College on 20.8.2001 and 21.08.2001. 47 students drawn from various Colleges affiliated to M.S.University participated in the seminar. The topics like ‘Role of Youth in Aids Prevention’, ‘Aids and Medical Plants’ and ‘NSS and Aids Awareness’ were discussed. This seminar enlightened the students on the drastic disease Aids. The convener of this seminar was Dr.K.Murugan Chettiar, NSS P.O, Unit No.41; Prof.S.Sundaram NSS P.O.42 and Prof.S. Palaniammal NSS P.O. Unit 46 were the Co-Conveners. 22 NSS volunteers of Unit 41 and 42 rendered services in association with the V.K. Puram Police Department during the Local Body elections held from 15.10.2001 to 19.10.2001. Unit 46 conducted the first ten-day Camp at Kamarajnagar. On 4th January 2002, NSS Unit 46 and its P.O. Prof.S.Palaniammal took initiative to construct a reading room at Kamaraj Nagar, the adopted village with the sponsorship of Lions Club of V.K.Puram. The economically and socially backward people of that area are highly benefited by that library.

To improve the leadership quality of students, a three-day personality development programme has been conducted by NSS Units 41, 42 and 46 for the past four years. On March 10, 2002, NSS Units 41,42 and 46 of our College organized a free eye-camp at Ambur village in collaboration with Aravind Eye Hospital , Tirunelveli. 116 persons tested their eyes and 19 people were identified for surgery. This camp was organized by Dr. K.Murugan Chettiar, Prof.S.Sundaram and Prof.S.Palaniammal. Dr.K.Murugan Chettiar, NSS P.O. of unit 42, was nominated as the Member of District-level NSS Advisory Committee by M.S.University. A one-day seminar on “ Rain water Harvesting’ was conducted by NSS Units 41, 42 and 46 at Mudaliarpatti village on 30.1.2003. Dr.S.Navaneethan, B.E. (Executive Engineer, Tamilnadu Water and Drainage Board) delivered a special address. An audio-visual programme relating to Rain water Harvesting was performed during the seminar. This created awareness among the village people about water management.

During the year 2002-03, an Adult Education Programme was organized by Unit No.46 at Kamaraj Nagar. A one-day seminar on“Child Labour” was organized on 16th September 2002. A Free veterinary camp was organized at Kottavilaipatti on 24th January 2003. 145 cattle were given medical treatment. A free eye camp was also organized at Senai Thalaivar High School , V.K.Puram, jointly with Aravind Eye Hospital and Lions Club of V.K.Puram A Blood Group Identification Camp was organized at Mudaliarpatti on 30.1.2003 in association with Shifa Poly Clinic. A seminar on “ Women’s Development” was organized in connection with the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2003. A three-day personality Development course was organized in this College on 14th, 15th and 16th March 2003.

Prof.T.Chidhambaranatha Pillai was appointed NSS programme Officer of Unit 41 in the place of Dr.K.Murugan Chettiar on 1.9.2003. Prof.C.Gnanam was appointed NSS Programme Officer of Women’s Unit No.46 in the place of Prof.S.Palaniammal on 1.9.2003. A free eye camp was organized in association with Aravind Hospital on 1.10.2003 at Papanasam. 237 patients were treated and 52 were identified for surgery. A blood group identification camp was organized on 10th September 2003 jointly with Youth Red Cross, Rotary Club, Rotaract Club and Durai Medicals, V.K.Puram. A Blood Donation Camp was Organised in co-operation with Tenkasi Government Hospital blood bank on 15.12.2003. 55 volunteers including the NSS P.O. Mr. T.Chidhambaranatha Pillai and Lt. L.Ravisankar donated blood. During the year 2003-04, “Avenues to Employment”, “Child rights Awareness”, “Road safety awareness” and Free eye-camp were organized by Units 41,41 and 46. A ten-day special camp was organized at Sivanthipuram from 19.12.2003 to 28.12.2003. During the camp days, apart from the regular activities, free eye camp, veterinary camp and General Medical camps were organized.

It is a pride to the NSS Units of our College that Prof.S.Palaniammal, Programme Officer of Unit No.46, was adjudged as the UNIVERSITY-LEVEL BEST NSS Programme Officer. Prof.T.Chidhambaranatha Pillai has been nominated by the M.S.University to the University-level NSS Advisory Committee from 16.06.2004. R.Sankara Subramanian and B.Karthikeyan, NSS volunteers, attended a seminar on “ Consumer Education and protection” held at M.S.University on 16th July 2004. A blood donation camp was organised in co-operation with the Tirunelveli Government Hospital Blood bank. 30 volunteers including the NSS P.O. Mr.T.Chidhambaranatha Pillai donated blood.An eye-camp was organised with the co-operation of the Tirunelveli Aravind eye hospital on 22.09.2004. All the students of the College were examined; 86 students were found defective and 16 students were given spectacles at a concessional rate.