National Service Scheme is an organisation for students in Colleges, which aims at promoting a series of socially helpful activities. The main objective of the scheme is the development of the students’ personality through community services. In our College NSS Unit was started during the year 1975-76. The first Programme Officer of our NSS Unit was Prof.S.Devadas, Lecturer, Department of Tamil. During the year 1977-78, when the Gudaganar Dam got breached, and the water inundated the nearby Boothipuram village in Dindigul region, Madurai District, the NSS volunteers of our College went there to render service to the affected people. The service was very much appreciated by the District Administration. Mr.S.Devadas and the volunteers played a vital role in the rehabilitation work.

During the year 1978-79, Prof.S.Devadas and the NSS volunteer Mr.S.Rajendran attended an N.S.S training camp at Madurai . Prof.S.Devadas attended the conference organized by All India Adult Education Movement held at Coimbatore . A ten-day special camp was held from 30.11.78 to 09.12.78 at Kottavilaipatti, near V.K.Puram. During the camp, the volunteers laid a road covering a distance of 3 Kms between Kottavilaipatti and Vickramasingapuram. A veterinary medical camp was also organized during this camp. During the year 1979-80, a ten-day Special camp was conducted at Arunachalapuram. During this camp the volunteers rendered many services for the uplift of the people residing in the village. A ten-day Special camp was organized during the year 1980-81 at Muthaliarpatti.

A ten-day Special camp was organized from 29.11.1982 to 08.12.1982 at Lower Dam, Papanasam. During the camp, the volunteers formed a playground at the school, where Scheduled Tribe students are studying. The volunteers also planted tree saplings and cleaned the park at Lower Dam.During the year 1983-1984, Mr.M.Murugalingam took charge as the Programme Officer. During the year, a free eye camp was organized in association with Aravind Eye Hospital , Tirunelveli and Madura Coats, Vickramasingapuram. The volunteers were able to marshal funds from the public and handed over the amount to the Orphanage and Old-age Home, at Ambasamudram. A ten-day Special camp was conducted at Vickramasingapuram from 20.7.1984 to 29.08.1984. During the special camp, the volunteers rendered various social services including Polio vaccination to children. During the year 1984-85, a one-day camp was organized to clean the area in and around Agasthiar Falls , a place of tourist importance in Tirunelveli
During the year 1985-86, a free medical camp on acupuncture was organized. A team of Doctors from Coimbatore gave acupuncture medical treatment to more than 100 patients. A ten-day special camp was organized from 16.02.1988 to 25.02.1988, at Vaithilingapuram village near Vickramasingapuram. During this camp, the volunteers cleaned the main roads and other link roads. During the year 1988-89, a ten-day special camp was conducted from 07.03.1989 to 16.03.89 at V.K.Puram. During this camp the volunteers performed Ulavarapani in the Lord Sivanthiappar temple, and cleaned the roads.

During the Kumbabisheham function of Papanasan Temple , our volunteers helped the temple authorities. A ten-day special camp was organized at Pirammadesam from 03.03.1990 to 12.03.1990. During the year our volunteers Selvan. Papanasam and Selvan Narayana Prakash were selected by the University to attend a ten-day N.S.S. camp at Madurai . A new N.S.S. Unit No. 42 was sanctioned by M.S.University during the year 1991-92. Prof.K.Murugan Chettiar took charge as the Programme Officer for this Unit.During the year 1992-93, 50 volunteers participated in the rally in connection with Communal harmony. In the year 1992, floods inundated Thiruvalluvar Nagar area, and 27 lives were lost. Our volunteers played a major role in rehabilitating the residences of the affected area. Their services were appreciated by the Authorities of Ambasamudram Taluk.

During the year 1993-94, Prof.M.Balasubramanian, Department of Tamil, was appointed as the Programme Officer of Unit No.41. A ten-day Special camp was organized at Ramalingapuram village from 12.2.1993 to 21.2.1993. The unique feature of this camp was that our Volunteers laid a 2 Kms mud road leading to a graveyard for the socially and economically poor community.Ten women volunteers of our College participated in the National Integration camp for women, held at Govt. Engineering College , Palayamkottai. Prof. K.Murugan Chettiar led the M.S.University team, including Selvan M.Kumar of our College, to the National Integration camp held at Northern Eastern Hill University , Shillong, on April 1993. It is a pride to our NSS Unit that Selvan Mr. S.Muthukumar was selected by the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University for participation in the Republic Parade held on 26th January 1993 at New Delhi .