Welcome to Thiruvalluvar College

The College aims to promote the values of love, knowledge and virtue through education. Its mission emphasizes the need for knowledge to be rooted in love and to blossom in service. In an elaborated form, the mission includes the following goals : To provide the youth, particularly the under privileged of Papanasam and its neighbouring villages, an opportunity to pursue Higher Education. To promote the spirit of nationalization and secularism among students. To facilitate the acquisition and diversification of knowledge and skills that have not only relevance in the local job market but also the potential to generate, enrich and enlarge human resources for a developing nation. To nurture the all-round development of students by providing an intellectually stimulating and emotionally caring environment. To create and actively promote a culture of growth and human welfare i.e. growth of the institution, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as the welfare of teachers, non-teaching staff and students. In terms of objectives, it envisages: Introducing courses and options that have immediate relevance to the neighbourhood .

Admitting students and recruiting teachers across barriers of caste, creed, race, religion and language. Facilitating the growth of a composite culture through practices that promote goodwill and understanding among students, teachers, other employees and people belonging to different socio-cultural backgrounds. Giving preferential option during admission to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ensuring the academic improvement and success of these learners through special efforts and remedial programmes. Offering financial assistance/concessions to these learners so as to enable them to complete their studies successfully.

Inculcating in students willingness and a readiness to respond to the needs of the community in the immediate neighborhood . Promoting diversification of courses. Facilitating professional growth of teachers in terms of both teaching and research by providing opportunities and facilities for such growth. Fostering activities that promote understanding and healthy interaction between the College and the community at large.

The mission in its most succinct form is enshrined in the motto’s for goal , it is explicitly stated in the College calendar. as for the other goals and objectives, each of them is a recognizable part of our College tradition, frequently talked about in our meetings and implicitly expressed in our policies, practices and activities. More importantly, there are references to these goals in the publications and records available with the College office – viz., College magazines, annual reports, souvenirs and research work on the founder Secretary Thavathiru Kundrakkudi adigalar.